Alberta Solar Municipal Showcase

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ST. AlbertSt. Albert

When St. Albert signed up for the Alberta Solar Showcase, they chose the perfect location for their PV array – Fire Station #3. This building, designed to be the first fire station in Alberta to achieve LEED Gold Certification, contains a variety of innovative and environmentally friendly features. The building is currently 100% supplied by a variety of types of green power – including the PV array. The green power supplying the building is just one of the 39 points needed to achieve LEED Gold Certification. PCL, the General Contractor for the fire hall, was instrumental in shepherding the project through the required steps and helping the City gain additional innovation points required for the overall certification.

St. Albert is also gaining ground in energy efficient building systems and controls on a number of their facilities. Lighting retrofits, mechanical and air-handling system controls and automated sensors are just a few examples of their commitment to sustainability.

The City is continuously looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint. In rebuilding the Lacombe Park Reservoir, the City significantly reduced waste from demolishing the old reservoir by recycling all of the rebar and re-using the concrete as a base layer for new road construction.

In an effort to create new bird and wildlife habitat and protect water quality, they created a series of three wetland ponds downstream from an existing sewer outfall. Now, instead of just screening the solids at the outfall, the sediments separate and settle in the ponds before the flow meets the river.

"The City of St. Albert and our residents are very dedicated to the protection of our environment, and are pleased to be a part of the Alberta Solar Showcase," said Mayor Nolan Crouse. “Through some of our projects, such as the recently opened Fire Station #3, we are looking at ways to harness renewable solar energy, thereby reducing the impact on the environment.”