Alberta Solar Municipal Showcase

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BLack diamond

Black DiamondWhen town officials in Black Diamond heard about the Alberta Solar Showcase project, they were keen to get involved. As a result, they have installed not one but two renewable energy systems on the roof of the local arena – a 1.8-kilowatt solar array, under the Alberta Solar Showcase project and a 1.2-kilowatt vertical-axis wind turbine.

Spearheading the effort is Les Quinton, manager of the local Oilfields Regional Arena. The Town had already undertaken numerous energy-saving measures at the arena, including retrofitting lights, adding wall and roof insulation and installing night set-back thermostats, low-flow toilets and shower motion sensors. Because of these efforts, even with increased use of the facility, electricity consumption has decreased significantly over the past nine years.

“We were very fortunate to be one of the first communities in Alberta to come on board with this project,” says Mayor Rolly Magee of the Solar Showcase installation. “Having working examples of two renewable energy systems on a busy sports arena in Black Diamond is impressive for the town. Best of all, in conjunction with our conservation efforts, it’s making a difference to our bottom line.”

Solar Team: Goose Creek Renewable Energy (Blackie), Conergy