Alberta Solar Municipal Showcase

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In October 2006, the town of Jasper installed a one-kilowatt solar photovoltaic system on the roof of its activity centre. Situated in the heart of a mountain national park, the town was eager to investigate alternative energy as a way of exercising environmental stewardship.

“It was an excellent learning process and a wonderful opportunity to be part of something innovative and environmentally responsible,” says Nicole Ward, environmental stewardship coordinator for the Municipality of Jasper.

The system is designed so its generating capacity can later be expanded. Within the activity centre, a computer station displays real-time solar energy production the amount of greenhouse gases avoided. This station enables residents and visitors to better understand the benefits of solar power.

“Installing solar energy was uncharted territory for the town, so challenges were inherent, but the benefits of the project have made the process worthwhile. Jasper has gained not only economically from utility bill savings, but is also gaining knowledge and experience from this project while increasing public awareness about the potential of alternative energy.”
Mayor Richard Ireland

Solar Team: ETI Solar (now Conergy), Town of Jasper staff