Alberta Solar Municipal Showcase

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pincher creek Pincher Creek

In early 2005, Pincher Creek officials attended an inspiring presentation on Solar PV as part of the Alberta Association of Urban Municipalities (AUMA) Energy Conference in Edmonton.

With Canada’s largest wind energy farm just outside the town, these officials were already aware of renewable energy opportunities and wanted to promote them in the community. So not long after the conference, Pincher Creek became one of the first municipalities to join the Alberta Solar Municipal Showcase.

Pincher Creek’s installation is atop the flat roof of a south-facing wing of Town Hall, overlooking a pre-school playground. ETI Solar supplied the PV equipment and worked closely with Precision Electric, a local company that completed the installation in October, 2006.

Pincher Creek has taken advantage of the educational opportunities offered by the Alberta Solar project by involving several members of their administrative staff as well as their town council in solar training sessions and overseeing the project.

On a similar educational front, the Bert Rigall Environmental Foundation held a solar PV workshop in nearby Cowley in October. The workshop’s 30 participants toured the Pincher Creek site during the PV system’s installation. Further public education events are planned for the summer of 2007.

“The Pincher Creek Town Council fully supports energy conservation and renewable energy. We are encouraged that our participation in the Alberta Solar Municipal Showcase will lead the way for additional projects in our community.”
Mayor Don Anderberg

Solar Team: Cougar Ridge Electrical, ETI Solar (now Conergy)